FORT Dungarees are born out of a love for simple design and production. We believe that what you wear is an expression of yourself, we strive to express respect and celebration of our fellow man and the  environment through our clothes. 

Behind the stitching and finishing of FORT

FORT garments are made in a fair trade certified facility located in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. The facility was first founded to help Tibetan refugees find work but now employs over 50 staff, spanning Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cultures.

The facility produces garments that are in line with our core values; fairness, sustainability and balance. It is fair trade certified under the Indian Fair Trade Association. Fair wages are paid, proper holidays are given and a real sense of community is felt there. We want to make what's behind our clothes visible and celebrated.

The facility is working towards becoming a zero waste facility and the future's looking bright.

Behind the fabric of FORT

The cotton we use to produce our striped and checked collection is cotton which is indigenous to a region of India. The farmers do not use any pesticides and synthetic fertilisers in its production and the crop is purely rain-fed, making it one of the most water efficient cottons in the world. It is a pure, non-hybrid variety meaning the seeds can be replanted after every harvest, making it a financially viable option for smaller marginalised cotton farmers. The cotton we use for our black dungarees is not currently organic but we are working towards this in the very near future.

For the striped and check collection we work with 60 different weavers in 10 different villages. Handwaving provides jobs in rural communities helping stem the need for migration to urban cities. It takes 2 months to weave the fabric with each weaver able to weave between 2 - 3 meters per day, depending on the weave design. A lot of thought and time goes into it.

We only use  natural dyes in our striped and checked collection, lessening the harm to the environment and the people who work with our garments. 


If you would like to return your item we offer a full refund for the cost of garment but we do not offer a refund on postage and packaging. We ask that you return your item via 2nd class post, please obtain a proof of postage. Once the item has been received we will issue your refund. Please let us know via email to if you are returning an item.